thanks for stopping by! when i'm not indulged in a cs side project (such as making this website), i like to spend my time in x-plane 11, my current flight simulator. i usually fly various boeing aircraft such as the 737, 738, 739, and 77W. in the summer of 2020, i took on my biggest tour in x-plane: around the world in 60 airports over 45 days. head over to the rtw page to check out what routes i flew (i even found liveries for airlines for as many of those countries as i could, to add to the authenticity of the process!).

since i'm a student, i don't typically have a lot of time to dedicate to this hobby, though i do have a few ideas of things i want to do. i already covered a sizable part of africa and the americas, so i want to do separate tours where i fly to every asian and european country. when that'll happen, i don't know, so stay tuned!