below is a list of all the routes i've flown, including links to respective charts. all flights are flown in x-plane 11, mostly offline. occasionally, i fly on vatsim, but this is pretty rare because i'm not quite comfortable with atc communications (yet).

my process is usually to spin up flightaware and look for b738 flights around 1.5 hours. then, when i find one that i like, i pull up simbrief and plug in the airports, as well as the real callsign and route when possible because realism makes flight sim more fun. next, i generate the ofp and download the fmc route for the zibo 737-800 (which comes equipped with the x-plane 11 default fms). it took a while for me to not need a checklist, but i think i usually hit all the points without needing a list now.


...and more to come!